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Weekend Recap: Kaleidoscopes, Hot Pots, and Creeks


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Weekend Recap: Kaleidoscopes, Hot Pots, and Creeks

Hannah Bianca

This past weekend was actually incredibly relaxing; plans didn't work out as I had imagined, however it was really nice to get some quality time in with my family before I leave for AZ this coming President's Day weekend.

On Saturday I was stuck at school and in the area the majority of the day. Paolo and I got to do some coffee shop scavenging though and that was actually really fun! We took to Yelp and looked up very hipster-like cafes with good coffee and went to two of them. The first one wasn't exactly a coffee shop, but a doughnut shop. Nonetheless, it was very modern-looking and aesthetically pleasing, due to their remodeling last year. Their coffee was actually really good! I learned that Equator Coffees and Teas supplied their coffee, so no surprise on how good it really was. Then, we drove to Point Richmond for our next destination: Kaleidocope Coffee. Literally the cutest coffee shop I've ever seen! Pictured in one of the photos above, their interior design is amazing. On the wall opposite of the one I was sitting by was a brick wall with framed black and white photos, and in the back was a personal library laid out with a nice couch and bean bags! Moving on with my day, I ended it babysitting for a new family with an 8.5 week old golden lab puppy! *Cue in drooling heart eyes*.

On Sunday, I was originally planning taking my sisters to the zoo except we all actually got pretty busy that day. BUT, we all ended up getting Q-Pot in San Jose for lunch! If you guys like KBBQ and hot pot, you have to go to this place. It has both of them, yes, BOTH types of meals. If you know Gen Korean BBQ and Tasty Pot, it's basically a mix of those two places. Okay in all honesty, I had Q-Pot the weekend before but that's how you know it's good! I have yet to find more places like this in San Francisco and north of the Bay, but going back home for this is definitely worth it. I do believe this is a more on the expensive side (dinner prices are $24.99 for either KBBQ/hot pot, or $27.99 for both options), but it makes every cent worth. It's all you can eat, so nothing is stopping you from stuffing your stomach until you can't take anymore.

Later on in the day, I had to head back to school yet again for my lab research. Before I took the long drive back however, Paolo and I stopped by a creek near his house to take some photos because I thought I looked cute, LOL.

Now it's trying to get through a stressful week (+ Valentine's Day!) before I get on the plane to Phoenix for the first time. I'll update you guys later on in the week when I land!


hannah bianca