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Weekend Recap: Touristy Feels


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Weekend Recap: Touristy Feels

Hannah Bianca

It's been midterm season so again, this post is, yet again, very delayed!

Over the weekend, I picked up my best friend, handed him my camera, and just started exploring the depths of San Francisco. We went through Union Square and the streets around Geary. We stumbled upon the infamous ally with strings of fairy lights and saw a bunch of high schoolers taking artsy iPhone photos for their instagram and snapchat, we went through all of the art galleries down the street and if you truly appreciate art for more than just a nice photo to prove your social outings, let me tell you this is the place to be. All of them: Tangent, Dr. Seuss, Martin Lawrence, Anglim. They all make you appreciate and view art in ways you've never seen before. Also, it's free! It's not like SFMOMA, but it's definitely worth a visit. After that, we drove around to the east side of SF for more photos, but ended up running out of sun. Can you believe it takes thirty minutes to travel only four miles in the city? FOUR MILES. It appalls and amazes me all at once that a city who's area is approximately 49 square miles takes an hour to get through in regular traffic.

 Later on that night, we drove up to Petaluma for literally the best all-you-can-eat sushi in the world. The problem is, we over-estimated how much sushi we could eat...oops. Vu ended up sticking four whole pieces of sushi in his mouth at once--both a hilarious yet humiliating feat; a "you had to be there" moment. 

This week has been exceptionally hard compared to the rest of this semester, so I'm practically dying. However, next week is my spring break and although I'm not really doing much except for working and making more trips in the city, I am definitely looking forward to it.


hannah bianca