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Holy sheet (masks)!


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Holy sheet (masks)!

Hannah Bianca


Throughout all of my skin care struggles and the plethora of different kinds of masks I've tried–gel, cream, peel off, the list goes on and on–I definitely believe sheet masks are the best.

These masks are good for the working or traveling girl (and guy, if any of you or your girlfriends, care about your skin care) for several important reasons:

1. They're cheap - most sheet masks run from approximately $2 to around $7; literally not a single mask is gonna run your wallet through $20, unless you a) stock up because they are incredibly addictive or b) are bougie and believe you can get even greater results with a greater price. 

2. They're single use - simple enough, they are single use masks. They are pre-filled layers that you put on your face for 20-30 minutes, and then you throw it away. There is no chance of using too much or too little product, so you don't need to worry about salvaging the dime-sized drop of cream that fell out of its jar.

3. They're easy to use, fool proof even - as stated in the previous post: You stick it on your face, wait 30 minutes, take it off and rinse your face, and then you're done. There are literally holes in the mask so you should easily be able to distinguish which parts are supposed to go where. If you're still confused, there's usually directions on the back of the packaging *cue in eye-rolling*.

4. They're just as effective as any other expensive mask! - seriously. I have spent hundreds of dollars on a million different types of skin care and a million different types of skin care routines, and this is the kick start to a beautiful friendship with your skin–trust me, you'll be happy you even tried it. This is just as good as Korean skincare routines and that high end La Mer face cream all the well-off women always talk about. So even if you're broke, you can achieve clearer, less stressful skin!

Now, Tony Moly masks truly prove all that I have previously stated already about my beloved sheet masks. I think what puts this brand at the top of my skin care priorities is the super cute packaging and the fact that I can literally get a pack of 11 different masks for only $10-11.

Yes, this is true, and you're not hallucinating. Is it a crazy sale? Is it a gip? Are they trashy masks you're just giving me complete false hope about?! No. Nope. Not at all.

These masks are able to purchase on a bunch of Korean beauty websites, eBay, Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters, and *drum roll please* my cheapskate ass' favorite place Amazon.

Try them out, give them a shot, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!