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Amuse Me

Hannah Bianca

Summer has been treating me well (aside from a nasty sunburn) and I'm excited to show you guys some digitals my friend Thea Lau got of me. Obviously, they're incredibly beautiful and she captured a side of me I've never even seen of myself, so I definitely recommend her as a photographer!

I have a few projects that I'll be releasing within the next few weeks, and these pictures were something I was really excited to show you guys. Along with that, I'm trying to re-design my platform, and hopefully come out with a monthly newsletter soon—maybe even a giveaway, once I find a web designer to help me out. If you know anyone who knows how to create and redesign Squarespace-optimized websites and has knowledge on HTML coding (throwback to those tumblr days...) let me know right away!

All optimism aside, I've actually been going through a lot mentally and it has taken a toll on my attitude and lifestyle lately. I know that I have the capability to overcome these barriers in my life but I need to accept the fact that I can't just suddenly be okay again. It takes time, and sometimes, a lot of it. I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions of mental illness—depression, specifically—is that itcan't just go away and that if it doesn't, you're just weak. It isn't a normal thing and   isn't something that should be glamorized or seen with a light heart (I'm talking about you Thirteen Reasons Why). That being said, due to the mental state I'm in I've decided it's time for change in my life. I know I say this practically every year, but it's time to actually do something about it. There's no more room for any toxicity in my life, life is too short to dwell upon all negativity.  I'll keep you guys updated on it!


Violet Romper by Amuse Society | Sidecar Sandal Heels by LuLus | Three Chain Necklace by LuLus