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Blue Crush


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Blue Crush

Hannah Bianca

Hello babes!

I'm back and I'm better than ever. By that, I mean I finally revamped the theme of my blog. I loved how my previous look of the site looked, but I definitely wanted to look for something cleaner and more sleek. 

Along with giving my site a makeover, I got a makeover too (thanks, Jorge!). To kick off my summer wardrobe after coming back from traveling, I've been bringing more and more color into my closet and life! It's basically like a new and improved me, that is probably until fall and winter come around again. But this is definitely something I take seriously considering my style consists of the same minimalist colors: black, white, and a million shades of grey. The majority of the time, there are only several pieces of clothing that carry some sign of actual color in them. Even then, the colors typically coincide with each other like the same shades of denim and dark, dim colors like olive, maroon, and navy. As you can tell above and in the recent photos on my instagram, I must say I've definitely progressed! 

I guess this color thing roots back to when I first started dressing and shopping myself when I was younger, around my awkward preteen days. I was kind of over the whole bright colors and insane patterns, like this. I was over it real quick haha! After that, I went through several bad style phases including stripes. Ever since my "everything-athleisure" phase of last year, I started wearing leggings literally 24/7. I had small bursts of color since you know, lululemon makes it big with their patterns and bright colors that are—ironically enough for me terribly unfit self—made for working out in. Other than that however, I've worn the same colors. Basically, go me for adding color back in my life in something more than just athleisure.

I think the change in both my website and wardrobe have affected me for the better. For now, I'll be here crushing on all of the blues, pinks, and yellows of the world. Definitely something to keep up even after the summer ends!


Revolve x Silas Top from Lovers + Friends LA | White Cotton Tie Waist Shorts from Missguided | Pink Side Bow Pointed Flats from Missguided


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