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MIXTAPE 004/0045


A Lifestyle

My current thoughts & musings

MIXTAPE 004/0045

Hannah Bianca

I never realized how widely-ranged my music selections are until now; I've orchestrated two different playlists that evokes two completely different moods. Mixtape 004 is a playlist I imagine playing in the background of a road trip down I-5 with a very summer-spent-at-the-beach feel. Mixtape 0045 is, if obvious enough, what comes before Mixtape 005. This is the type of playlist I reach more often to—whether it be driving to work or cracking out late nights on my laptop. It elicits a "simping" mood. Translation? Bay Area slang for missing someone, something, a feeling, etc. Brought along with that, I've put in a few of the songs that gets me juiced at parties. Hope you enjoy!


hannah bianca