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But First, Coffee.


A Lifestyle

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But First, Coffee.

Hannah Bianca

coffee: (n.) survival juice

TECHNICALLY, I should be steering away from my coffee addiction; I've gotten to the point where I don't drink to enjoy my coffee, but it has become part of my every day routine and I've become extremely dependent on it.

There's honestly so much to appreciate about coffee, but most people take their coffee the same way every single time they drink it. Every. Single. Day. I've been an avid coffee junkie since I was an early teen despite all of the warnings of how it would stunt my growth (Ha! Look at me now, all 5 feet and 3/4th of an inch of me!) and that I'd be the girl who'd need interventions because of it. Alas, I became too invested in coffee, in the way I despised to. I spent hundreds of dollars every few months towards Starbucks, Peet's, and other brand-name coffee chains because of how much I relied on caffeine. I refrained from all the other methods to a caffeine-fix because I felt like nothing ever worked; I soon realized, however, that I just never tried. Years pass and more warnings about my coffee-drinking tendencies come my way: colon cancer, heart problems, insomnia, ulcers, etc. At some point last year, I came to the conclusion where my obsession and addiction to coffee was hurting me (and my wallet) more than benefiting. 

Despite my rocky history with coffee, I still love it. Without it, I'm not really sure who I'd be–literal identity crisis if anything ever hit the coffee industry. However, I've come to look at the beloved drink in a completely redirected approach: I kicked my habits of two to three mugs a day and focused on healthier ways to get my caffeine fix such as green teas, kombucha, carob powder, and nutty smoothies.  This doesn't mean I completely gave up coffee though! This just means instead of drinking it solely for my caffeine fix, I can be that one annoying lifestyle blogger that goes to cafes and coffee shops for aesthetic pictures and of course, to enjoy latte art and the coffee itself. In these past few months, I've gone to a few places around the Bay for coffee and these are some I've truly enjoyed! So take a look and enjoy.


HannaH Coffee • Tea • Sweets

754 The Alameda Ste 80 San Jose, CA 95126 | Yelp

This has always been a go-to coffee shop for me since high school! I used to work on the same street for years, and everything from the friendly staff, cute and comfortable interior, and red velvet cupcakes that are to die for constantly make me come back. My go to drinks here are the almond roca latte and the iced peach-lemon ginger herbal tea. Don't forget to give their banana bread (Hannah Banana) a try!


M.H. Bread and Butter

101 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo, CA 94960 | Yelp

Not only is this a great coffee place, but it's also great for their brunches! They have amazing salads, sandwiches, and pastries; it's a great place for those who want gluten-free and vegan options! Definitely embraces the whole Marin County feel/ I can never get enough of their Rosella Iced Tea (hibiscus, mint, stevia) and their newly added Tam Fog (tea, steamed milk, golden syrup, lemon). My favorite pastry is the Kouign Amann: buttery dough and vanilla sugar, it's a must have!

Kaleidoscope Coffee

109 Park Pl Richmond, CA 94801 | Yelp

This is literally one of the best places to go to for studying or working! The interior really brings out a very unreserved and easy going environment: geometric shapes covering the sides, contrasting brick walls, B+W photos hung everywhere, a room full of bean bags, couches, and a free library! They have a wide variety of foods–even vegan ice cream–to complement their coffee. You can never go wrong with their mochas here!

Social Policy

200 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113 | Yelp

In the heart of Downtown San Jose and right near SJSU is this very urban-feeling coffee shop that lives up to its name. In a lively environment both inside and outside the shop, they serve slightly overpriced lattes and food–but not to say that they're bad! Their drinks menu is very limited to the typical lattes, mochas, and chais; their brunch menu however, serves looks from people passing through the streets. Definitely worth a visit! It's the type of coffee shop people come to socialize–hence the name.

Equator Coffees And Teas

240 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur, CA 94939 | Yelp

A quaint little coffee shop with a unique feel that embraces the small town of Larkspur in every way. This shop specifically showcases the topography of the town and its beautiful cycling trails. The gluten-free pastries and cashew milk lattes are amazing here, and when I'm in the area, this is a great studying spot! Not to mention the plaza is in is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, along with organic ice cream right next door.

Sue's Gallery Cafe

14665 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070 | Yelp

Doubling up as a gallery, not only do you have beautiful latte art, but you'll have beautiful paintings and pieces up surrounding you as well! The interior is stunning, and the hospitable atmosphere makes it all the better to enjoy a cup of coffee. Bonus! They have a happy hour on pastries, and cute succulents and decorations for the perfect instagram photo!

**DISCLAIMER: not all photos belong to me; sources off Yelp.

I will be adding more places as time goes on!



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