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Mixtape 003


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Mixtape 003

Hannah Bianca

This post has been a long time coming since my last mixtape; I've had a writer's block along with a busy, busy schedule and I'm a little disappointed at myself for it. I was on college spring break last week but not a real-life, outside of school type of break. Last night, I FINALLY had a good chunk of time to myself so I sat down in front of my laptop, played the following playlist, simped a little, but got a solid amount of work done and I'm excited for you guys to read what's coming along within the next few days! This is a mix of what I've recently discovered and songs that follow a chill yet sappy vibe. There's no theme to this mixtape, but I hope you like it nonetheless. P.S. - I have listened to Lorde's singles at least 100 times since I've first heard it. I also really recommend American Teen, Khalid's full album!



hannah bianca