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Rings and Things


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Rings and Things

Hannah Bianca


As of late, my favorite pieces to wear include delicately-crafted and insanely beautiful jewelry from my favorite brands: Daniel Wellington, Pandora, and Tiffany's.

Tiffany's truly is a girl's best friend and I would not love jewelry as much as I do if I never knew about Tiffany's. Everything from the robin's egg shade of the box, bag, and brand to the welcoming retail workers whenever I walk in—I love this brand so much. The first Tiffany box I received was years ago during high school from my boyfriend, and it was the loving heart sterling silver necklace from the Paloma Picasso collection. My careless self lost it somehow while wearing it (my guess is I didn’t clip it all the way and it fell; so sad), and I was literally devastated. It was the most important piece of jewelry I owned, but shortly after, I started to get myself more and more pieces, and my collection has grown—even my glasses are Tiffany!—and I have never loved this brand more.

Not pictured, but my boyfriend got me another Tiffany necklace for my birthday last year. It’s a pretty basic silver chain necklace from the Return to Tiffany collection with two hearts: one silver and one pink. Along with that is the infinity ring pictured above; it carries the name, but is small, simple, cute, and dainty. It’s definitely an every day ring and I love its versatility with my outfits. 

Aside from Tiffany’s, I own a lot of jewelry from Pandora. Necklaces, rings, and earrings—you name it, I probably have it. What I love about Pandora is that it carries such elegance in its brand while being incredibly affordable and decently priced compared to other high end jewelry brands. Last year, I got a set of rings in sterling silver (similar to a wedding band/engagement ring set) that I loved so much I got a second set in a beautiful rose gold! Also not pictured, but I have links of what they look like on their website below.

Along with that,  I’m in love with a bangle from Daniel Wellington in a beautiful rose gold shade. I got it a few weeks ago from my best friend and I wear it pretty often because it’s a simple bangle that works well with my skin tone. Daniel Wellington also makes amazing watches that I’m a big fan of for a classic feel.

Finally, I’ve been wearing the 42mm Apple Watch Series 1. In completely and unbiased honesty, I’m not sure if it’s really worth it. I got it as a gift so I’m not complaining. It’s good to track my workouts (LOL every once in a blue moon), listen to music, to reply to texts despite the challenge it can be sometimes,  and to basically check the time from one of the dozens of face plates offered. Personally, I would suffice with a simple watch (preferably Daniel Wellington) but this does look nice and has a few pros compared to its counterparts.


Timeless Elegance Ring

Hearts of Pandora Ring

Daniel Wellington:

Rose Gold Classic Cuff


Tiffany Infinity Ring



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