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(Arizona) Foods


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(Arizona) Foods

Hannah Bianca

Boba Tea Company: Nope. Not worth. Just don't go here. It's weird boba. They carbonate it and call their sizes and toppings too weird so. Bye.

Worth Takeway: First of all, the sign outside in the eating area literally stated: "I might name my next child after their banana pudding here". They weren't kidding. I've never loved anything so much in my life. It's literally cream, bananas, and pound cake crumbs, but there was something about it: the consistency, the taste, so good. Also, the interior is cute and SO IS THE DRINK PACKAGING.

O.H.S.O Eatery + NanoBrewery: This place has a $10 beer brunch where you can choose from brunch options (fruity pebbles french toast!!!) and pay for your drink, for a penny. It was an option between AZ beer or mimosas, and let me tell you, the portions for the mimosas were huge! They had great fries and good ass garlic pesto hummus. I was in love. Also, the fruity pebbles toast was FILLED. With cream cheese. Like the portion was big, it was amazing, and I got drunk on mimosas, so you could say it was a good breakfast.

Kingo Bowl: Holy meat. If you're feeling Korean-style, marinated meats with rice and teas, this is the place to be. Think of poke, but replace the fish and seafood with meat. It's so delicious! They even let me try all the meats for one bowl--slightly pricy, but only because I had all three meats. The average meal should only be around $10-12 which is great! They also have quail egg skewers which were quite tasty! With a savory taste, it's as if the eggs were spiced well--for only $3! Along with that, they had a few options for milk teas and teas in cute bottles. We picked up the earl grey milk tea and hawaiian tea, and they were delicious. Among other options, they had a black currant tea and apple milk tea.

Shake Shack (not pictured): THIS BURGER IS AMAZING. Literally. Best burger place ever, but that might just be my first impression due to not ever coming close to another Shake Shack in my life. It's definitely worth a try; any burger with the shack sauce is good, and the cheese fries are always a yes.