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Weekend Getaway: Tempe, AZ / Phoenix, AZ


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Weekend Getaway: Tempe, AZ / Phoenix, AZ

Hannah Bianca

Late post--I know, I know. Shame on me. Can you blame me though? It's midterm season! Reality literally hit me like a a freaking semi after I got back to my apartment Tuesday night. 

Over the President's Day weekend, my boyfriend and I took a very relaxing vacation off to his family's condo in Arizona. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never been to Arizona, and I don't really know anyone who lives there except for Paolo's brother.

My long weekend started Thursday, when Paolo and I took a plane to Arizona. I've never been on a plane without my mom, so that was pretty weird and just another "adulting" experience. 2 minutes into the flight, I wished my mom was there oh my god--scariest, bumpiest, most turbulent plane ride I have EVER been on. And Paolo was dead asleep next to me nearly the whole time. Cool. When we landed in LAX for our layover, that was when I was able to launch my website for you guys--ta da!!! Yes yes, big news. More than 800 people were on my website within the first few hours of the launch, and I've never been happier. Come to think of it, I didn't even realize I knew that many people.

Four hours and a one-hour time change later, we finally landed in PHX! I'm hungry, I'm tired and I just want to go to bed; it's my first night in a new state and I'm tired, it was quite a shame. Anyway, his dad picked us up from the airport and finally got to the condo. When I got there, I asked what plans we had for the weekend and I was in total shock: we didn't really have any. The only we plan we truly had was to go to Shake Shack, per Paolo's request. This came to me by a surprise because I'm so used to my trips with family and friends with a fully booked itinerary starting with 7am wake up calls for tourist-y activities, compared to waking up all comfy and cozy at 11am and still doing nothing. Unfortunately, we didn't really go out and explore as much as I'd like to during the four days I was in Arizona, so we only went out twice and took photos then.

It wasn't all bad though! It was similar to a two-cities-away-let's-airbnb-somewhere-staycation--except you know, it was literally a whole other state away. I recommend everyone to have a staycation at some point; it's definitely a nice way to get away from the chaos I like to call my life. It's relaxing, stress-free, and away from reality for just a day or two. 

We went out to Shake Shack, Worth Takeaway, King Bowl, and OHSO the time I was there. Click here to find out more about those places!  Other than that, we watched 3 movies: A Dog's Purpose, Age of Adeline, and Fifty Shades Darker. All such good movies! Except for Fifty Shades, I can't get over how it missed key parts and didn't even really follow the damn book. I'm so pent up with anger about this I might have a post-long rant about it soon. Once I finish Fifty Shades Freed though, okay. They also served alcohol at the movie theater in LA, aaaaaaand maybe I had a few mimosas (or a lot--ah, bottomless...yes, that's the word) at the eatery for brunch.

Anyway, it was much needed staycation that was away from enough to help me forget my problems for a little and get away from reality. It's due to chaos--as I've stated before--for such a late recap post. I'll do my best to keep next weekend's recap a lot sooner. Also, check out my latest playlist right here!


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