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About Me

My name is Hannah Bianca–yes, Hannah and Bianca. Two first names. It's a Filipino thing, I know. I'm an aspiring lifestyle blogger and struggling college student all in one. I was born and raised in the Philippines when I was 4, but relocated to the United States ever since. I grew up in the South Bay of California but study up north now, finding myself in San Francisco most of my days. I'm currently finishing up my studies in the health sciences, and figured the next few years will probably be some of the most memorable, so I should document all of it: my thoughts, adventures, discoveries, memories, and moments. There's a whole lot to me, even parts I have yet to find out about myself. It is my goal to share every bit of me with you, the readers, through my blog posts and photos. You'll see that along with my passion for style, I'm also a major skincare and makeup fanatic. Along with my own adventures, I'll definitely be posting my own opinions which you can either agree or disagree with. I hope you guys enjoy!


hannah bianca